Shipping Information

NOTE: All shipping & handling charges are non refundable. Additional shipping costs for free replacement products falling within our "Live Arrival" guarantee must be paid by the purchaser.

Local pickup is by appointment only - no exceptions. Thank you.

Shipping & Handling Rates for Continental U.S.
All shipping & handling charges are minimum estimated cost. We reserve the right to notify you of any additional fees due to cover the actual shipping expenses plus a nominal packing charge if applicable. FedEx Priority Overnight is used to ship live animals. Hold at the nearest FedEx location is preferred. Buyer pays actual shipping costs - usually $40-$85 which includes special packing, insulated box(es) and heat or cool packs as neccessary depending on location and weather conditions. Hard goods will be shipped via FedEx ground.

Although the shipping companies do not guarantee live delivery, we will guarantee live arrival with them as long as we can ship during good weather and as long as the package will be signed for upon the first delivery attempt.

We are not responsible if nobody is available to sign for the package. Shipment dates are prearranged based upon weather and your availability to sign for the package. If nobody is present to sign for the package the carrier will retry the next day. If this happens all insurance, and guarantees are void.

All claims must be made by phone by calling us at 408-591-1537 within 1 hour of delivery confirmation. Leaving a message on our answering machine within that time frame will serve as acknowledgement of a potential loss/claim. Remember, shipping and handling charges are not refundable. Our guarantee states that we we replace the deceased animal(s) less packing/shipping fees. Original shipments and subsequent reshipping are at buyers expense. Alternately, we may be forced to issue Credit Memo for the actual cost of the animal if we have none left to replace it with. ABSOLUTELY NO CASH OR CREDIT CARD REFUNDS ARE ISSUED IN THE CASE OF LOSS DURING DELIVERY/TRANSIT. If you do not aggree with these terms, please do not place your order with us. Note: We pack animals carefully into vented deli cups with some damp sphagnum moss, then double (or triple) box them using heat or cold packs if necessary. We pack to the best of our ability so they arrive as safely as possible.

JL-Exotics will only ship when temps are between 40 and 85 degrees at both the shipping and receiving locations. This may cause delays in shipping while waiting for favorable weather, but ensuring the safety of the animals is our priority. In the event that an animal does arrive inactive due to cold temperatures DO NOT try to warm them up by spraying or soaking the frogs in luke warm water, as this causes a sudden shock to the system and will kill the frogs. Leave them in their container, opened if you can watch them, at room temperature for at least 3-4 hours. Most of the time they will warm up and start eating the next day, usually earlier.

Show Sales
All show sales are final. Customers are responsible for inspecting all merchandise and/or livestock prior to sale. JL-Exotics shall not be held responsible for merchandise and/or livestock once it has been purchased and removed from the immediate area of sale.

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